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    Morocco top hashish exporter to Europe

    10 Jun 2017

    Most of the hashish consumed by Europeans comes from Morocco, according to a report released by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction ( 16001ENN.pdf) that looks at market trends. The report notes that ''herbal cannabis (marijuana) and cannabis resin (hashish) are the two main cannabis products found on the European drugs market. Herbal cannabis consumed in Europe is both cultivated domestically and trafficked from external countries. The herbal cannabis produced in Europe is mostly cultivated indoors. Much of the cannabis resin is imported by sea or by air from Morocco.'' It adds that analysis shows that ''those countries reporting consistently shows a large increase in the potency (level of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) of both herbal cannabis and cannabis resin between 2006 and 2014. Drivers of this increasing potency may include the introduction of intensive production techniques within Europe and, more recently, the introduction of high potency plants in Morocco.'' Herbal cannabis (marijuana) and cannabis resin (hashish) account for 38% of the retail market for illegal drugs, worth an estimated 9.3 billion euros. Though Morocco is the main exporter but Libya and Balkan nations are competitors. Most enters the EU through Spain, which accounted for 70% of all cannabis seized in 2015, when the amount of hashish (536 tons) seized was 6 times greater than that of marijuana (89 tons). The study says that about 87.7 million of those between age 15 and 64 in Europe (23% of them) have used cannabis at some point in their lives.


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