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    Morocco’s CDG Opens Two Hotels, Aquaparc in Saïdia Station

    13 Jun 2017

    After the quasi-official failure of the 2020 Vision, the tourism sector seeks to change the situation for the better.

    Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) has announced the opening of two new hotel units in Saïdia coastal resort, the flagship project of Plan Azur.

    The Group will launch and inaugurate the two new hotel units as well as an Aquaparc in this station, which will undoubtedly contribute to strengthening the tourist Animation of the whole region.

    A large investor in the country, especially in the tourism sector, CDG has devoted major investments and its recognized expertise to strengthen the capacity of this sector, attract new attractive destinations, and promote upmarket growth.

    The Group is responsible for the development of tourist resorts like the Saïdia stations, which are the central pillars of the 2020 Vision.

    The first project is the Melia Garden & Golf Resort, which already opened its doors June 1. A statement by the company announced that this hotel was built on nearly 14,000 m² and offers a capacity of 150 rooms and suites.

    The second hotel is the all-inclusive 5-star Melia Beach. It will open its doors in July 2017. Built on 33,000 m², the hotel has a capacity of 397 rooms and suites, offering a wide choice of restaurants of different specialties, a spa, a large conference and events center as well as several indoor and outdoor activity areas.

    Built on a 7-hectare plot according to international standards, the Alpmare Saïdia Aquaparc will attract many with a thematic and a narrative thread based on the adventures on the high seas.

    The Aquaparc, described as “the main leisure and entertainment component of the resort,” will open its doors in the summer of 2017, says CDG, which believes it has “fulfilled its commitments” and hopes to instill “a new dynamic at the tourist resort of Saïdia” through these openings.

    In a statement released today, CDG says that “the development of quality touristic structures throughout the Kingdom are a strategic priority.[..] The Group is taking responsibility for the management and development of tourist resorts, which are the central pillars of the 2020 Vision, in particular the Saïdia and Taghazout stations.”

    CDG took charge of Saïdia in 2012 and has constantly invested in trying to revive the stillborn project. More than MAD 1 billion have been invested in order to keep the station under drip. “CDG is investing heavily and has recognized expertise in strengthening the sector’s reception capacity, creating new attractive destinations and encouraging upmarket growth,” the group said.

    These new projects demonstrates the Group’s commitment to the national tourism policy to help establish the sector as a true lever for territorial development and for the reduction of regional disparities.


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