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    Othmani: 90 Percent of Moroccans to Be Covered by Healthcare System

    17 Jun 2017

    Head of Government Saad Eddine Othmani has stated that health and social care will cover 90 percent of Moroccans within the next few years.

    Othmani said during the Thursday meeting of the Government Council that the unanimous and final ratification of the law including independent and self-employed workers in the healthcare system represents a leap for Morocco.

    Othmani considered this step a “revolution” in health and social care in Morocco in the few years to come, as it will cover 90 percent of Moroccans.

    The Head of Government also commented on the visit of French president Emmanuel Macron to Morocco on June 14 and 15. He said that the visit came in recognition of Morocco and King Mohammed VI’s role in the international scene.

    He added that the visit focused on international issues “especially the topics related to African where Morocco has a pivotal role.”

    The Minister of Health Houcine Ouardi said earlier this week that the draft law aims to establish health coverage for the benefit of independent and self-employed workers.

    The draft law is designed to expand national health coverage by 2025 for these groups, representing about 11 million beneficiaries and 30 percent of the population, the minister said.

    He stressed the importance of establishing comprehensive health coverage for all citizens, in line with constitutional requirements and international covenants which stipulate the right to equal treatment, health care, and health coverage.


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