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    El Ferdaous Launches #Fikrainvest for Public to Share Ideas for Improving Investment in Morocco

    12 Aug 2017

    Othmane El Ferdaous, Secretary to the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Digital Investment, launched on August 4 the hashtag #Fikrainvest, calling Moroccans to submit ideas that would help reform the investment charter of 1995.

    “After taking the proposals of other ministerial sectors, institutions, and representatives of economic actors, today we open the door for citizens to show us their proposals for reforms of the investment incentive system,” wrote El Ferdaous on LinkedIn.

    He went on to add that the best and most realistic proposals will be used to develop the new version of the investment bill. The #Fikrainvest action deadline is scheduled for August 14.

    El Ferdaous’ call received positive feedback from many social networks users, whose ideas were re-posted to his official Facebook account.

    The secretary aims through this initiative to encourage citizens to take an active part in decision-making regarding investment reforms, likely a response to King Mohammed’s recent call for greater state-public communication.

    In a speech on the eve of Throne Day, which took place on July 29, the King addressed Morocco’s government officials, saying that “citizens complain to the King about government services or officials that take too long to respond to their queries or process their cases, asking him to intercede on their behalf.”

    “Citizens are entitled to convincing answers – within reasonable timeframes – to their queries and complaints, including the explanation or justification of negative decisions,” stated the monarch.

    Earlier this month, a unanimous vote was passed by the House of Representatives in support of the creation and reform of the National Agency for Development, Investments and Exports (AMDI). El Ferdaous also presented reforms aimed at strengthening and developing the agency.


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