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    Beninese President Visits Tangier as City Becomes Holiday Hub for Heads of State

    12 Aug 2017

    Rabat- Beninese President Patrice Talon has arrived in Tangier on Thursday for a private visit of two weeks, reports Moroccan news website le360.

    Talon and members of his family settled in Tangier’s Le Mirage, the famous hotel by the sea.

    According to the same website, Talon arrived to Morocco in Tuesday. On Wednesday, Talon visited Rabat’s Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Art.

    Benin’s president is the fourth head of state to visit the legendary Moroccan city in recent weeks.

    Gabonese President Omar Bongo Ondimba and his Sudanese counterpart Omar Al Bashir spent a couple of days enjoying the northern Moroccan port city’s weather and visiting its landmarks.

    King Salman of Saudi Arabia arrived in Tangier on July 24 for a month’s stay.

    The Saudi monarch’s visit is the third time in a row he has spent his summer holidays in the city.

    Tangier has been known for decades as a destination for prominent writers, politicians, and world leaders and celebrities.

    From authors like Paul Bowles and Truman Capote, to former heads of states and governments like King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzales, to world icons of music and fashion like Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, and Yves-Saint Laurent, celebrities from around the world have come to Tangier to relax, look for inspiration, or enjoy the cross-cultural city that has been marked by Moorish, Amazigh, and European influences.


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