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    Why Everyone Is Instagramming from This Moroccan Hotel

    12 Aug 2017

    Marrakech is full of photo ops, but in the era of Instagram, it’s clear that a few locales—especially hotels and riads—will garner the most “likes.” One such hotel that we’ve seen from a slew of feeds—from actresses to style and design bloggers—is El Fenn. Owned by Vanessa Branson (sister to Richard Branson) and business partner Howell James, the hotel is a made up of seven traditional courtyard houses decorated in the rich jewel tones and natural textures everyone comes to Marrakech to witness. Besides the many ‘grammable moments throughout the courtyards, guest rooms, and shady pool pavilions, the hotel boasts an impressive contemporary art collection curated by Branson. If you can’t make it to Morocco to get a few shots of the place, you can certainly replicate the blend of vibrant textiles, raw materials, and sleek art and design in your own home. Get a look at our favorite moments to recreate the look of El Fenn.


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