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    Morocco Invited Bulgarian Companies for Infrastructure Projects

    10 Oct 2017

    There are a lot of connections between the economies of our two countries, announced today at a meeting with the Plovdiv business ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in our country Zayi el-Midawi.

    Representatives of 11 leading companies from Plovdiv exchanged information and opinions with the diplomat who visited the city at the invitation of Honorary Consul of Morocco in Plovdiv Svetoslav Glosov. The meeting with entrepreneurs was held at the Honorary Consulate of the African State in Plovdiv.

    Zayi el-Midawi invited Bulgarian designers and construction companies to participate in infrastructure projects in his home country.

    'Our countries have a strong potential to increase their trade, but our relations are not at the level I would like, the Moroccan people need to get to know Bulgaria better, 'said the ambassador, adding that she was very impressed by the big international companies that are located in the Thrace economic zone near Plovdiv.

    Zayi El-Midawa said that more than 100 Moroccan students are currently in Bulgaria.


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