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    UN: UAE Supports Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Western Sahara

    10 Oct 2017

    The United Arab Emirates reaffirmed its support for Morocco’s autonomy plan as a basis for a consensual solution to the Western Sahara dispute on Friday, October 6 during a meeting by the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

    “The United Arab Emirates remain committed to their immutable position supporting the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and reaffirming its support for Morocco’s autonomy initiative to reach a consensual solution to this conflict,” said Ahmad Al-Mahmoud, the Emirati representative at the meeting.

    He added that the UAE also welcomed Morocco’s efforts in this area, noting that the Security Council had described the efforts of the kingdom as “serious and credible, capable of reaching a solution to the conflict.”

    The UAE also welcomed Morocco’s initiatives to promote human rights, and welcomed the participation of the Saharawi people in the October 2016 legislative elections, which, according to the UAE representative, “took place in freedom, democracy and tranquility.”

    The representative of the United Arab Emirates also welcomed the efforts and initiatives of Morocco aimed at the development of the Sahara region and the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of its inhabitants.

    During the same meeting, number of petitioners defended Moroccan sovereignty over the region Sahara region and mentioned the March 1895 agreement signed between Morocco and the UK, in which London acknowledged Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory.


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