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    UN Fourth Committee: Qatar Reiterates Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

    11 Oct 2017

    Qatar reiterated on Monday its support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan in Western Sahara.

    Speaking during a meeting of the United Nations Fourth Committee, Qatar’s Deputy Permanent Representative, Abderahmane Yacoub Al Hamadi, said that his country has always supported resolving disputes “through dialogue” and cooperation with the UN, and that the same applies for the issue of Western Sahara.

    The Qatari diplomat advocated for a “definitive political and consensual solution” to the question of Western Sahara.

    The political process initiated in 2007, Al Hamadi suggested in reference to Morocco’s Autonomy Proposal submitted to the U.N. that year, is the framework through which this solution could be achieved.

    He insisted that a solution to the dispute must respect Morocco’s sovereignty over the region.

    He reminded his audience that the support for Moroccan territorial integrity was expressed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state members during the organization’s joint summit with Morocco in April 2016.

    In the summit’s final communiqué, the convening heads of states expressed their commitment to defend “the security of their countries and their stability and respect for countries’ sovereignty, territorial integrity and national constants, and rejection of any attempt aimed at undermining security and stability, and the dissemination of separatism and segregation to redraw the map of nations or splitting them, which threatens regional and international security and peace.”

    In the same vein, finding a solution to the question of Western Sahara, Al Ahmadi noted, will have a positive impact on the region and will boost cooperation between its countries, which will help strengthen peace and stability in the Maghreb.

    Qatar echoed UAE which also reaffirmed its support for Morocco’s autonomy plan as a basis for a consensual solution to the Western Sahara.

    On Friday, Ahmad Al-Mahmoud, Second Secretary of the UAE Mission to the UN, said that his country will “remain committed to their immutable position supporting the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and reaffirming its support for Morocco’s autonomy initiative to reach a consensual solution to this conflict.”


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