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    Morocco Is The Latest Destination For Intrepid Pot Tourists

    06 Jan 2018

    Northern Morocco is a primary production center for “kif”—the colloquial Moroccan name for marijuana—and for hashish, for export to Europe. It has become so popular there that pot tourists often travel to visit its source. Farmers grow the cannabis locally in the northern regions of Ketama and Chefchaouen. And it attracts thousands of visitors each year to the North African country.

    According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)’s 2017 World Drug Report’s chapter on plant-based drugs, Morocco remains the country most reported by United Nations’ Member States as the source of cannabis resin, or hashish.

    During 2010 to 2015, 26 percent of the global total authorities seized originated in countries in North Africa. Most notably Morocco, followed by Algeria, and Egypt. Morocco had over 110 tons of Cannabis resin seized.

    In 2015, the largest cannabis resin seizures occurred in Spain, Pakistan and Morocco, which follows the natural export route from Morocco to Spain. In addition to ongoing direct shipments of cannabis resin from Morocco to Spain, and subsequent shipments by land to France, Italy and the Netherlands, for further distribution to other European countries, Europol has reported an emerging trafficking route from Morocco to Libya (either by sea or by land), and then on to Italy.

    By contrast, cannabis herb seizures more than doubled over the same period in Africa. The second largest seizures of cannabis herb were reported in Africa, mostly in Nigeria, Egypt and, of course, Morocco.

    In contrast to the slight decline in seizures of cannabis herb worldwide over the period 2010-2015, cannabis resin seizures increased. This reflects a twofold increase in interceptions in North Africa. Sellers mainly smuggle cannabis resin from Morocco to Europe and other countries in North Africa.

    Both UNODC and Europol data estimate that most of the cannabis resin found in Europe continues to originate in Morocco. Although traffickers also take Afghan cannabis resin to Europe, often using Albania as a first distribution hub.


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