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    Moroccan app helps women choose 'friendly' places

    03 Feb 2018

    Women in Morocco can now make use of an app allowing them to reappropriate public spaces in the country.

    Created by Safaa El Jazouli of joint French and Moroccan nationality, 'Finemchi' (Where should I go) allows users to review or verify 'women friendly' bars, cafés and other leisure spots where they can relax without attracting unwanted male attention. 'In Morocco women are limited in their choice of where to go.

    Bars are the preserve of men, some are hostile to a female presence, and so girls end up going to the same places that they know well,' El Jazouli said. So far 100 people have downloaded the app and around 100 addresses mostly in the cities of Rabat, Tangeri and Casablanca have been reviewed. 'The aim is also to sensitise the owners, because if women do not frequent their premises it means there is a problem somewhere,' El Jazouli continued. According to the latest figures, dating to 2009, an estimated 62% of women living in urban areas in Morocco have been the victim of gender violence in public places. In Marrakech, a 2015 survey by the NGO IMADEL showed that 67% of women had been subject to violence in public in the previous 12 months. For this reason, 60% of the women interviewed said they only went out in the evenings if accompanied, while only 9% of the victims had reported the violence.


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