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    Morocco Organizes Mobile Consulate in Cape Town for Moroccans in South Africa

    11 Feb 2018

    The Moroccan embassy in South Africa is organizing a mobile consulate on Saturday and Sunday for the benefit of Moroccan citizens living in Cape Town, South Africa’s largest city.

    According to Maghreb Arab Press, nearly 500 Moroccan nationals live in Cape Town, a popular tourist hub in Southern Africa. The mobile consulate will provide several services offered by the Moroccan Embassy in South Africa.

    The Moroccan community in Cape Town will benefit from the issuance of the biometric passport, national identity cards and registration in civil status registers.

    The mobile consulate will also provide South African nationals with the opportunity to apply for visas for those wishing to visit Morocco.

    MAP added that the services of the Moroccan Embassy in South Africa recorded a steady increase in the number of visas granted to South African tourists. This increase reflects the significant interest among South Africans to visit Morocco.

    The mobile consulate project is in line with royal instructions to better serve the Moroccan community living abroad.

    The Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria has also organized mobile consulates in Durban and Maputo, capital of East Africa’s Mozambique.


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