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    Atlas North Hydrocarbons: Atlas Sahara’s Joint-Venture with Cepsa

    28 Mar 2018

    The Atlas Sahara fuel distribution company, headed by the businessman Dehman Derhem, is a joint-venture entreprise with the Spanish petroleum company Cepsa. It intends to extend its activities throughout Morocco, according to le360.

    Derhem obtained a license from the Ministry of Energy that will allow Atlas Sahara to distribute fuel in northern Moroccan, and on March 20, he signed an agreement with the managing director of Cepsa, Alvaro Diaz Bild. The two corporations merged to create Atlas North Hydrocarbons (ANH)–which is owned equally by both companies.

    The new entity distribute its products under the Cepsa brand, and develop retail activities extensively through gas stations. This will only occur on the Moroccan market.

    A business plan has been established: for the next five years, a plot of land in El Jorf Lasfar will serve as a hydrocarbon storage unit of 95,000 cubic meters. It will later be expanded to 120,000 cubic meters, with an estimated value of MAD 32 million. There is also a plan toto launch at least 10 new gasoline service stations.


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