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    Casablanca to Hold 3rd Edition of ‘Smart City Expo’

    04 Apr 2018

    The third edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca will discuss issues such as urban innovation and civic technology under the theme “Liveable Cities and Urban Social Innovation,” from April 18-20, in Casablanca.

    Under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI, the third edition for 2018 titled “Liveable Cities and Urban Social Innovation,” will include speeches made by 85 participants, as well as conferences lead by city representatives, government officials, international organizations, and research centres.

    Smart City Expo consists of two major events: “Smart City Expo Casablanca” for professional debates on the development of smart cities in Africa, and “Smart City Connect Casablanca,” an open event to raise general public awareness of the issues surrounding Smart City.

    This edition will underline issues surrounding sustainable development and discuss urban innovation and new technologies smart cities on the African continent, as highlighted on the Smart City website:

    “[The] objective is to present safe city models, which set up digital devices to strengthen the safety in town, but also collaborative cities, which encourage the social and cultural innovation.”

    Last year’s second edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca themed “Cities by All” covered topics like resilience and climate change, urban innovation and technology, future mobility, and collaborative society.

    The previous edition witnessed participation from 15,000 attendees: 160 local and international delegates, 112 journalists, and 85 speakers, and 73 presenters from four continents.

    Smart City Casablanca aims to develop Casablanca’s infrastructure, sustainable mobility, living environment, and ecology through a development plan “Casablanca 2015-2020,” which strives to make the city smart and sustainable.


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