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    Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport Named ‘World’s Worst Airport’

    07 Apr 2018

    The Mohammed V International Airport of Casablanca is once again making the headlines, this time as the “World’s Worst Airport.”

    The Airports Council International recently ranked Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport as the best in Africa and one of the global leaders for good customer services, a recent traveler-driven survey has reached the opposite conclusion.

    “What are the best and worst airports you ever visited?” a traveling website recently asked a pool of travelers. According to eDream, the survey consisted of a sample of over 50,000 travelers, focusing on the quality of services such as “shopping opportunities, restaurants, and departure lounges.”

    “For eDream users, the world’s worst airport is Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport,” the website reported, further noting that of all the airports included in the survey, Casablanca, whose rating stood at 3.21 out 5, “got the lowest score.”

    Casablanca is followed in the top three “world’s worst airports” by Rome’s Ciampino Airport and Berlin’s Tegel Airport, with ratings of 3.21 and 3.30, respectively.

    On the other side of the spectrum, Germany has three airports in the top ten, and Singapore, Zurich, and Istanbul were picked as the three most-liked airports by eDream users.

    Whereas Singapore is reputed for the boundless shopping and touring opportunities the airport provides to its numerous visitors, Zurich was hailed “as one of the most beautiful airports of the world.” Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was applauded for its excellent and well-integrated Metro-Airport system.

    If anything, eDream’s survey is set to unnerve and possibly shatter the confidence that Mohammed V Airport exhibits on its website, so a rejoinder is highly likely.

    According to the Office National des Aéroports (ONDA), Casablanca’s airport is, along with Johannesburg, Cairo, and Cape Town, among the four busiest and “more important” airports in Africa.

    With annual traffic reaching 2 million passengers, as well as 50 flight companies linking 80 destinations, Mohammed V witnessed an increase of over 11 percent in its annual traffic in 2017, with positive feedback from travelers, as well as international validations, ONDA reported.


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