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    Casablanca’s Taxicabs Installing LED Display to Show Destinations

    08 Apr 2018

    No more crazy hailing! Casablanca taxis will now display their travel directions on rooftops.

    Good news for people looking to get a taxi amid road traffic in Morocco’s busy economic city, Casablanca! Casa’s cabs are starting to install small screens atop their roofs to indicate upcoming destinations.

    The screens also inform potential passengers when the taxi is full and when the driver’s shift has come to an end, making it easier for people to reach their destinations more quickly and efficiently.

    Credit for the innovation goes to the rising Moroccan company “LED RED,” whose members suggested the idea. Thanks to their team, the screens have been recently installed in six taxis–five cabs and two grand taxis–and more are yet to come.

    “All the driver needs to do is type the chosen destination through a GPS application for it to automatically display the location on the screen,” president of LED RED, Adil Shaibi told the Moroccan HuffPost website, in an interview.

    On its official Facebook page, LED RED shared several photos of the smart-looking taxis roaming the streets of Casablanca:


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