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    Maroc Telecom Hosts 2nd Annual Smart Days on ‘Digital Transformation in Morocco and Africa’

    11 Apr 2018

    Maroc Telecom’s Smart Days have returned for a new round of rich exchanges around the discovery and study of global digital trends.

    Morocco World News attended the event, alongside researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, web influencers, and journalists, who gathered Tuesday at the Maroc Telecom headquarters in Rabat to learn more about “Digital Transformation in Morocco and Africa.”

    For this occasion, Maroc Telecom welcomed two renowned international experts to share their knowledge on digital revolution: Gilles Babinet, multi-entrepreneur and the first president of the National Council of Digital in France and Rebecca Enonchong, Cameroonian entrepreneur, and president of AppsTech, a multinational software development company.

    As the first speaker to take the stage, Babinet discussed challenges faced by African companies since the digital revolution.

    “We are actually witnessing the third industrial revolution, embodied by the digital transformation, which generates huge gains in opportunities,” explained the expert, adding, “Several sectors are now affected by this phenomenon such as tourism, hospitality, insurance, finance and even health.”

    According to him, the richest companies are those who give their technology for free.The French entrepreneur concluded that we need to “replace hierarchy with technology.”

    For her part, Enonchong focused on how the digital revolution has transformed Africa, including the regulatory and financial issues that have accompanied digital changes.

    “To successfully implement an effective digital transformation model covering all sectors of activity (i.e. public service industries and services, finance, technologies), Africa should rely on its many strengths,” she said.

    “We can especially quote: the strong mobile breakthrough, the relatively nascent legal provisions governing technologies, and the fast appropriation of technologies” explained the President of AppsTech who is very optimistic for the future of digital in Morocco and Africa.

    The telecommunications giant, Maroc Telecom, launched its “Smart Days” gathering last year in Rabat to bring together major Moroccan and African players in the field of digitization. The meeting enables the general public to exchange knowledge and learn about the latest developments in the world of technology and communications.

    Maroc Telecom is the first global operator in Morocco and Africa to offer secure mobile management, connected object solutions for companies like Smart Car, and innovative solutions, such as the MT Cloud solution.


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