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    TF1 Deems Dakhla Haven for International Tourists

    11 Apr 2018

    The French TV channel TF1 showcased the city of Dakhla, with its mesmerizing surf and water sports, in a press report that aired on Saturday.

    TF1 journalist Sarah Amrouni presented the report, a 17-minute video entitled “Le Nouveau Visage du Maroc,” which features the beauty and diversity of Morocco’s “southern pearl.”

    The program takes viewers on the ride of a lifetime, inviting them to experience, “Gallop Morocco,” a race in the Merzouga desert from February 25 to March 4. Horse racers from Morocco, Oman, Belgium, Ireland, France, Russia, Poland, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Holland, and the Czech Republic all participated, representing their countries in the dunes of Merzouga.

    Commending the charming atmosphere of Morocco, “50’ Inside” refers to the North African country as the “Ideal spring destination! A country that is constantly reinventing itself to attract more and more tourists.”

    Morocco accommodated over 11 million tourists in 2017, including several celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Orlando Bloom, Eva Longoria, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    TF1 staff has lauded has Dakhla, remarking that, “Between its ocean and desert, it [Dakhla] has become a haven for surfing and kite-surfing enthusiasts, and more broadly, a paradise for all those who dream adventuring off the beaten path.”

    The aired program, part of the “50’ Inside,” is conducted in partnership with the Moroccan National Office of Tourism.

    Dakhla, known as one of Morocco’s most attractive venues for surfing, is becoming a major national tourist destination. Overnight stays in recognized accommodations increased by 20 percent in 2017, in comparison to the previous year.

    According to statistics from the regional tourism delegation, the total number of registered overnight stays in 2017 was 116,798, showing a 20 percent increase from 2016. The biggest percentage increase was among foreign tourists, who spent a total of 85,906 nights, while nationals spent 30,892 nights.

    There are now ten flights to Dakhla per week which depart from Casablanca. There are also two direct flights from Las Palmas (located in the Canary Islands), and one from Paris, which departs once per week.

    TF1 has featured several programs dedicated to Moroccan cities. Its latest report is devoted to Morocco’s “gateway to Africa,” Tangier, exploring the port city’s key features.


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