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    French Montana to Launches a Morocco-Inspired Clothing Line

    11 Apr 2018

    French Montana is expanding his repertoire. The Moroccan rapper, songwriter, actor and philanthropist is set to launch his first clothing collection with Moroccan influences.

    The 33-year-old artist has created 65 Morocco-inspired pieces for the British brand BoohoMan which will be available on its website on April 12. The brand-new collection will feature “bold tropical and leopard prints, influenced by both the Mediterranean and Moroccan cultures”, according to The Daily Mail.

    Montana’s will offers basics like tracksuits and fashion-forward t-shirts, with clothing prices will ranging from GBP 10 to 60.

    Beside his undeniable love for fashion, Montana has been busy doing what he loves more than anything: music. The artist has been working on a new track called “Corazon” for Maître Gims’ new album, featuring the Congolese rapper himself and rap sensation Lil Wayne.

    Last month, the Moroccan-American hip hop recording artist opened up about his volunteer work in Uganda, where he helped the associations Mama Hope and Global Citizen to improve the citizen health situation. During his time, he visited a hospital where he met woman and children without healthcare.

    “God was giving me signs that I had to do something to help these people,” he said.

    With the help of superstars P. Diddy and The Weeknd, he raised over $500,000 to benefit the Suubi Health Center.

    Montana continues his service in his hometown Casablanca, through his work with the PanAfrican Movement and CARE Morocco, which ensures that the children of Casablanca have full access to a quality education and healthcare.


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