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    Morocco, EU Sign Partnership to Bolster Research and Innovation in Mediterranean

    14 Apr 2018

    Morocco and the European Union (EU) signed a cooperation agreement setting out the conditions for Morocco’s collaboration in the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) on Tuesday, in Brussels.

    The partnership was signed at the headquarters of the Council of the European Union by Morocco’s Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education, and Scientific Research, Said Amzazi; President-in-Office of the EU Council, Dimiter Tzantchev; and European Commissioner for Research, Science, and Innovation, Carlos Moedas.

    The Ambassador of Morocco to the EU, Ahmed Reda Chami, also attended the signing ceremony.

    With this agreement, Morocco is now formally part of the 19 member States and countries around the Mediterranean that are working to develop innovative solutions for sustainable water management and food production, which remain major challenges in the region.

    The agreement will provide Moroccan researchers with the opportunity to participate in calls for projects with their Euro-Mediterranean colleagues, in the framework of tripartite partnerships involving at least one EU country and non-EU Mediterranean partner country among the 19 members of PRIMA, according to Maghreb Arab Press.

    According to the official EU website, funding for the project comes from the EU and the 19 member states: Morocco, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, and Algeria.

    The main objective of the ten-year initiative (2018-2028), which is partly funded partly funded by EU’ s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, is “ to devise new R&I approaches to improve water availability and sustainable agriculture production in a region heavily distressed by climate change, urbanisation and population growth,” according to the EU.

    The PRIMA decision was adopted on June 13, 2017, by the European parliament. The decision entered into force officially on August 7, 2019.


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