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    Melilla Residents Pay More for Moroccan Operators

    17 Apr 2018

    Thousands of residents living in the Spanish enclave of Melilla are complaining about the lack of mobile signal coverage provided by Spanish network operators, leading many to grudgingly accept the expensive cost of Moroccan operators.

    The Spanish daily Melillahoy reported earlier today, that thousands of residents living in different areas of Melilla such as la constitución, Mayorazgo, and La Quinta, are left without mobile coverage, which prevents them from making toll-free phone calls and connecting to the internet. Alternatively, many people purchase plans from operators in Morocco, which they say provide the city with stronger signals than those in Spain.

    “We do not understand how the Moroccan operators forcefully reach all parts of Melilla, while the city has several Spanish antennas. There are areas where coverage is very low or non-existent,” one resident of the enclave said.

    Despite better connections, many complained about the expensive costs of Moroccan operators. One resident explained that the calls through Moroccan operators are billed as if they were abroad.

    For this matter, Melillians voiced their concern to the media and urged the Spanish authorities to take effective action.

    The main mobile network operators in Spain are Yoigo, Vodafone, Movistar, and Orange. As in most of Europe, voice and data coverage are generally good in urban areas while connections are hardly accessible in rural and remote areas.


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