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    Attijariwafa Bank Inaugurates Small Business Centers

    01 May 2018

    Attijariwafa Bank Group inaugurated a new “Dar Al Moukawil” center last Friday in Marrakech, which is dedicated to supporting very small companies (VSC), according to Maghreb Press Agency (MAP).

    The fourth of its kind, the center aims to empower VSC and help them add socio-economic value and increase employability in Morocco.

    Dar Al Moukawil is an exclusive platform available both online and in physical centers. Its services extend to both established and aspiring VSC, and gives them access to rich information, daily training sessions, various business ecosystem experts, and dedicated advisors to help develop and create their enterprises.

    The inauguration was held in the presence of Attijariwafa Bank CEO, Mohammed El Kettani, who emphasized that his group plans to spread their platform throughout Morocco. He noted that the competitive and efficient nature of the project is starting to produce “exceptional” results.

    El Kettani added that the socio-economic initiative has proven effective among VSC because they are indispensable local actors. He added that results are very positive after only a few months of operation out of three centers, with more than 320 training sessions organized for 4,800 VSC, 1,700 advice and support sessions, 56 awareness seminars, and 52 partnerships set up with local actors..

    El Kettani indicated that the banking group is currently innovating in their networking sector, and plans to launch two additional services which will add further value to Morocco’s economy. The first, “BtoB Industry Meetings,” would allow for the exchange expertise and identification of business opportunities, while “Market Days,” would offer interested parties the opportunity to bid in large donor markets to obtain bank partnerships.

    Attijariwafa Bank signed several agreements with the Marrakech-Safi Chamber of Crafts and with associations working with merchants and artisans in the same region. This confirms that the Attijariwafa bank and its partners are actively encouraging and trying to accelerate VSC development.


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