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    SDX Energy Makes Gas Discovery In Morocco

    08 May 2018

    SDX Energy Inc. has made a conventional natural gas discovery at its LMS-1 exploration well on the Lalla Mimouna permit in Morocco (SDX 75%), the company said on May 7.

    The LMS-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 1158 m (3,799 ft). The primary target was in the H-9 sequence which is a Miocene aged shallow marine deposit that had not been previously tested in the area. The well encountered 16.4 m (53.8 ft) of net conventional gas pay sands which had an average porosity of 32% in an over-pressured section. Similar to the previously drilled LNB-1, heavier gas shows were encountered indicating the presence of a deeper thermogenic source rock charging the structure. In addition, the cuttings showed evidence of fluorescence indicating the potential presence of liquid hydrocarbons within the section encountered.

    The well is now being completed as a conventional natural gas producer in the H-9 interval and once the rig has left the location the well will be perforated and tested. It is anticipated that the test will be conducted approximately 30 days after the rig has departed the location.

    The drilling rig itself will now be demobilized and returned to the contractor for use with another operator as this was the last well in the company’s nine-well Moroccan program.

    “Once the rig has departed the location we will conduct an extensive test of this well,” Paul Welch, SDX’s president and CEO, said. “Given the deeper source rock, the heavier gas elements and fluorescence seen in the cuttings we are anticipating production of condensate during the test which could add some significant value to the production established in this area. It’s an excellent way to conclude the drilling program with seven of our nine wells being successful.”


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