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    Tourists in Rabat: Where to Eat During Ramadan Fasting Hours

    07 Jun 2018

    It can often be difficult for tourists to locate quality restaurants that are open during the fasting hours of Ramadan. Be sure to check out these amazing restaurants for an afternoon coffee or delectable meal.

    For decadent crepes in the mornings, filling club sandwiches for lunch, and delicious coffee throughout the day, Cantor Hotel offers amazing views with exceptional service. Located next to the train station in the city center, the rooftop restaurant offers a panoramic view of Rabat with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

    For a unique and intimate experience, head to Le Dhow on the bank of the Bou Regreg River. Enjoy scenic views of the marina and the city of Sale while dining on a ship. The restaurant offers a variety of seafood such as swordfish, lobster, and mouthwatering calamari, as well as other dishes.

    Situated within a colorful courtyard garden and covered in sculptures, palm trees, and beautiful works of art, this cafeteria offers everything from pizza, to ice cream, to brochette. Be sure to enjoy this hidden gem just steps away from the old medina.

    While exploring one of Rabat’s main tourist attractions, the Kasbah of Oudayas, be sure to stop for a coffee or Moroccan mint tea and enjoy an assortment of Moroccan pastries at Cafe Maure. The quaint cafe offers picturesque views of the Bou Regreg River and of the fortress while you dine.


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