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    Copag Suspected of Using Milk Powder for its Dairy Products

    09 Jun 2018

    Among the dramatic changes that Morocco’s waves of protests and customer boycotts that have brought about in the market of dairy products is the remarkable decline in Central Danone’s sales.

    However, Copag, the principal beneficiary of Central Danone’ downfall, is being suspected of using synthetic milk in the making of its dairy products.

    In its latest statement following seven weeks of boycott, Central Danone declared a sharp decrease of 50 percent in its market share, a major consequence being the rise to prominence of the company’s hitherto minor competitors. Of all the competitors, however, Copag has been declared the most visible winner, with the company reported to have increased its market share by more than 20 percent.

    According to a recent study conducted by Kantar, a global leader in Data Investment Management, Central Danone’s market share experienced a marked fall, decreasing from 46.7 percent in late April to its current level of 18.3 percent.

    Meanwhile, Copag’s sales spectacularly increased from 24.1 percent to 33 percent over the same period. The study noted that there were even times when Copag’s share hit 38 percent. Most of these changes, the Kantar study added, occurred particularly at the peak of the boycott campaigns in the first weeks of May.

    Other brands of dairy products such Jibal and Colaimo have also improved their sales, the study also found; but it maintained that the figures show that Copag is the unrivalled emerging leader currently occupying Central Danone’s position.

    And whereas Copag’s adaptability through quick and effective strategies to claim Central Danone’s place have been identified by some as the primary factor for its rise, others—the majority, in fact—are questioning the company’s sales and production strategies, Moroccan outlet Medias 24 reported earlier this week.


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