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    UGTT attends closing conference of SOLiD project in Marrakech

    03 Oct 2018

    Nourredine Tabboubi Tuesday said in Marrakech, Morocco, the three-year regional programme for the promotion of social dialogue in Southern Mediterranean countries, SOLiD-South Mediterranean Social Dialogue, was launched amidst social change and profound mutations.

    The region's countries condemned flawed development models that culminated in the spread of extremism and terrorism, economic crises, the mushrooming of informal economy, increasing unemployment, a dwindling purchasing power and the lack of social justice.

    The labour union firmly believes in the importance of social dialogue in laying the foundations of the rule of law and upholding transparency and keeping peace and social stability, Tabboubi told participants in the first closing conference of the SOLiD project.

    Key underlying principles are in perfect harmony with UGTT's orientations, he said.

    SOLiD is a project set in motion by the Arab Trade Union Confederation, with the support of the European Union. It is geared towards fostering a civic and multi-stakeholder dialogue between social partners in Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco.

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