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    21 Things to Know Before You Visit Morocco -Morocco

    04 Oct 2018

    To most American tourists, Morocco is the Tooth Fairy of travel destinations -- mythical, colorful, and otherworldly. Snow-capped mountains overlook open-air spice markets. Unforgiving deserts are flanked by ecstatic music festivals. Sand dunes meld into bustling souks and towering minarets, all of which function harmoniously within the same glorious province.

    Sitting at the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, the expansive country is a spectacular, disorienting mix of old world and new age culture. It’s the sort of place you come alone to do a little soul-searching. Or with your person to test some boundaries. Or with your roommate, for that matter, to purchase some truly exceptional home goods without the Urban Outfitters markup.

    But the trouble with visiting such a grand, eclectic country is figuring out where to go. And with so much territory to cover, winging it simply won’t do. Lucky for you, we’ve got some local intel, courtesy of Intrepid Travel -- an organization that runs 25 different journeys across Morocco. Together, we’ve masterminded a guide to absolutely everything you should know before you find yourself camel-borne, trotting into the Sahara.


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