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    Morocco’s Royal Mansour in Forbes’ List of 58 Most Luxurious Hotels

    06 Oct 2018

    Rabat – Forbes Travel Cuide did not forget to include Marrakech’s sophisticated hotel, the Royal Mansour, on its list of the 58 most luxurious hotels around the globe.

    For the first time, the magazine created a verified list of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

    The travel guide included 58 hotels and 30 spas.

    The list includes Marrakech’s Royal Mansour, which celebrates Moroccan architecture at its finest.

    The hotel features fancy private riads surrounded by gardens and fountains. At night, small candles illuminate the ground like stars.

    In 2017, the Royal Mansour was named the best hotel in Africa at the ceremony awards “Prix Villegiature 2015.”

    Forbes selected its list based on luxury standards, according to “sumptuous comfort, as well as extravagant choices and conveniences afforded to guests.”

    The magazine described the Moroccan hotel as a space for royalty.

    “Live like royalty at Five-Star Royal Mansour Marrakech, which offers 53 one-of-a-kind riads, or residences built around courtyards.”

    The magazine added that every detail of the riads respect the privacy and comfort of the guests.

    “Expect the utmost privacy — a series of underground tunnels ensures that the staff will not intrude upon your stay,” Forbes wrote.

    The list also includes Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico, Mandarin Oriental in Singapore, and Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Puerto Rico.

    Forbes standards also take into account weather, hotel surroundings, and interior design.

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