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    Florida Hosts ‘Moroccan Village’ for the First Time

    07 Oct 2018

    Rabat – Orlando, Florida, is hosting a “Moroccan Village” for the first time to encourage US tourism to Morocco.

    The “Moroccan village,” according to the state-owned news agency Maghreb Arab Press, displays attractions, shows, culinary stands, crafts, traditional products, art exhibitions, and conferences. The village is open October 4-7, promoting Moroccan culture and heritage.

    The village’s purpose is to present Morocco’s highlights to increase understanding and exchanges between the countries. The initiative also aims to attract investors through presentations on Morocco’s advancement and innovation in various sectors, including renewable energies, real estate, agriculture, and sustainable development.

    The “Moroccan Village” is open to the public with free access. Orlando is known for being a popular tourist destination in the US and has the highest concentration of Moroccan residents in the US with around 35,000 Moroccans.

    The initiative comes from Bahia Benkhar, president of “Musk Strategies,” with the support of the Moroccan community in the US and the Moroccan embassy.

    Institutional actors such as “La Maison de l’Artisan,” the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, and the OCP Group also actively participated in the organization of the event. The Royal Air Maroc and Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane in Morocco, as well as the University of Central Florida were also involved in the project.


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