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    Two Moroccans Travel from France to China on Solar Power Bikes

    08 Oct 2018

    Rabat – Two Moroccan travelers have successfully traveled from France to China on a solar-powered bicycle.

    The journey of Mohamed Said Al Jabbari and Youssef Al-Hawas began on September 25 when they accepted a challenge by the French Sun Trip association.

    The travelers enjoyed their journey using hand-made bikes to travel from France to China.

    Throughout their 13,000 kilometers bike trip, the travelers crossed several countries, including Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Switzerland.

    Al-Haws told Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) that the trip “was difficult.”

    “We had to face many difficulties, including bad weather conditions (heavy rains, excessive heat, high winds),” he said.

    The 50-year old traveler is also the inventor and designer of the solar tricycle dubbed “Ibn Battouta.”

    Speaking about the challenges, Haws said: “Sometimes we drove close to big trucks.” He said that any wrong movement could lead to risky consequences, “especially in the long tunnels of Turkey and Georgia, which sometimes exceeded four kilometers.”

    “The crossing of the desert was very difficult because of the excessive heat, the lack of shelter or places for the supply of water and food over long distances of more than 380 km.”

    Fourty-two people participated in the initial stages of the competition, which aimed at promoting solar energy.

    The trip’s organizers provided participants with GPS to allow them to monitor their activities throughout the competition. The organizers did not allow participants to ask for help throughout the journey.


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