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    Equinox Launches Curated Travel Experiences With Morocco Adventure

    11 Oct 2018

    Luxury fitness chain, Equinox is establishing itself in the hospitality industry with fitness retreats and hotels, all in line with its lifestyle concept

    Ivanha Paz

    • 10 october 2018

    The luxury fitness club, Equinox is expanding its services into the hospitality realm to solidify itself as a lifestyle brand. In tandem with the opening of Equinox Hotels in Spring of 2019, in New York’s Hudson Yards, the company is launching travel experiences, featuring domestic and international multi-day journeys. Kicking off with a “summit-chasing adventure” in Morocco in April, the trips will feature fitness programming that aligns well with the destination, incorporating it as a natural extension of the travel experience.

    “Equinox single-handedly invented the concept of fitness-as-lifestyle nearly 30 years ago, and now we are expanding our purview to include active, covetable experiences that empower our discerning members to connect with the world—and themselves,” said Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Managing Partner, Equinox in a press release. People can also opt for an individual or group curated experience based on their lifestyle and fitness goals. All excursions will be led by Equinox talent and include meals, transportation, and tailored fitness programming. Activities could range from a personalized training session with a champion athlete, an exploration of ultra-seasonal cooking with a foraging experience hosted by a renowned local chef, or a transformative mountaintop meditation at sunrise — all in a single day.


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