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    Huge halaal opportunity for the Cape as Muslim population grows

    16 Oct 2018

    CAPE TOWN – With the global Muslim population set to grow as much as 31 percent by 2060, the Western Cape has the opportunity to establish itself as the halaal hub of Africa.

    This is according to Tim Harris, chief executive of Wesgro, Cape Town, the Western Cape’s tourism, trade and investment agency.

    Harris was speaking at the Africa Halaal Week 2018 yesterday.

    By 2060, 31 percent of the world’s population will be Muslim; we know that it is a particularly young population.

    “Muslim millennial travellers alone will be a $100 billion (R1.45 trillion) opportunity by 2025,” said Harris.

    He added that 27 percent of the global Muslim population would be living in sub-Saharan Africa.

    “So clearly not only is this a place with rich history and tolerance to be able to build the connection we need, but we are also sitting right at the doorstep of this huge market opportunity,” said Harris.

    Economic Opportunities MEC Alan Winde said under Project Khulisa the Western Cape had set itself the goal of doubling its halaal exports by 2025 and in so doing, the province stood to create 32 000 new jobs and contribute $58 million to the economy.

    “We’ve seen halaal-relevant exports grow by R900m since the start of the project to reach R10.2bn in 2017 and we hope to keep up this momentum and situate the province as the premier halaal market in Africa,” said Winde.

    David Kivang Bebiem, an international guest from Nigeria, said there was a lot of potential for every business to thrive.

    Bebiem said that although Nigeria was said to have a population of 170 million, it was way more than that, with presently more than 200 million people.


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