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    On High Royal Instructions, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity Carries out Preventive Medical Campaign in Midelt Region

    04 Nov 2018

    HM King Mohammed VI, President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, has given his high directives for humanitarian assistance actions to be organized in regions affected by the October cold snap, according to a statement issued by the Foundation on Saturday, adding that a first phase of intervention is scheduled in the Midelt region from 3 November.

    To this end, the Foundation has carried out a medical campaign in the town of Boumia, added the same source, noting that the latter aims to promote greater access to the region's poor populations to health care through multidisciplinary treatment and screening services.

    These services will cover general medicine, internal medicine, paediatrics, maternal health, dentistry, ophthalmology, biology, radiology and screening for physical disability in order to manufacture the appropriate equipment, according to the statement.

    The operation will also serve to raise awareness and prevent cold-related complications, notably chronic diseases, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, etc....

    The Foundation has set up a major human and technical system (7 equipped medical units and a pharmacy) in order to provide the necessary care and meet the demand of the populations under the best conditions. In addition to the Foundation's humanitarian unit and social workers, volunteer doctors from the approved associations as well as the staff of the regional health delegation participate in this solidarity operation. The operation is also organized with the support of local associations in Boumia, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces, local authorities and the ministry of Health.

    Launched in 2003 under the effective presidency of HM King Mohammed VI, the outpatient medical campaigns program aims to promote equal opportunities in access to basic health care for disadvantaged populations who do not have access to health facilities due to geographical remoteness and/or lack of social coverage and to provide care to as many people as possible.

    It is also meant to contribute to the improvement of health in rural and peri-urban areas, to provide vulnerable populations living in precarious conditions with free medical services and to contribute to efforts aimed at preventing and combating chronic diseases.

    The campaigns, led by the Foundation, are carried out in partnership with the ministry of Health, the ministry of the Interior, the approved medical associations (24 partner associations throughout the Kingdom) and the local associations.

    From 2003 to 2018, a total of 894 campaigns were conducted, benefiting some 1,066,608 people.


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