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    Half a million Ecstasy tablets seized in Morocco port

    06 Nov 2018

    CASABLANCA – Moroccan authorities seized Monday almost half a million Ecstasy drug tablets in an operation at the port of Tanger-Med.

    A border control operation jointly conducted by the national security and the customs foiled an attempt to smuggle a large amount of psychotropic drugs to the North African country, composed of 493,700 Ecstasy drug tablets.

    Three suspects, including a woman, were arrested in a car registered in the Netherlands, according to the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN).

    The prefectural police department of Tangiers has opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor to determine the ins and outs of this case and apprehend possible accomplice, added DGSN.

    Last April, almost 200,000 Ecstasy tablets were meticulously concealed in the tyres and the rear seats of a 4x4 vehicle in Tanger-Med.

    Morocco has become a profitable market for Ecstasy drugs in the last few years.


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