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    AMCI: Morocco Makes South-South Cooperation a Vehicle for Sustainable Emergence of Africa

    Morocco has participated in the 2018 Global South-South Development Expo at the UN headquarters in New York.

    06 Dec 2018

    Rabat – From November 28-30, Mohamed Methqal, ambassador and general director of the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), was at the head of the Moroccan delegation which participated in the event.

    Marking the 10th anniversary since its launch, this year’s event aimed to mobilize all stakeholders in promoting South-South cooperation.

    Methqal was a panelist at the High-level Forum of Director Generals for Development Cooperation during session four, titled “South-South cooperation: regional perspectives,” on November 30.

    During his speech, Ambassador Methqal emphasized the pivotal role Morocco plays, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, in the development of South-South cooperation for the benefit of Africa.

    Methqal said that Morocco made South-South cooperation “a vehicle for the sustainable emergence of Africa.” He also recalled that the promotion of the cooperation has been inscribed in the Moroccan Constitution since 2011.

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    Ambassador Methqal also presented the different fields of action of the AMCI whose achievements are for the benefit of the African continent as a whole.

    Based on Morocco’s successful experience in developing South-South cooperation, Methqal outlined some principles that could help strengthen South-South and triangular cooperation at the regional level by partners.

    The principles include “interest in giving South-South cooperation a privileged place in the foreign policy of countries, the advantage of institutionalizing a network of South-South cooperation actors involving both state and non-state actors at the level of each country.”

    As part of the expansion of the international network of AMCI partners to promote South-South and triangular cooperation, Methqal held talks with several cooperation officials.

    He met Angela Ospina De Nicholls, General Director of the Colombian Agency for International Cooperation to develop cooperation programs at the regional level.

    The AMCI ambassador general also met representatives of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Islamic Development Bank and representatives of cooperation agencies from Peru, Singapore, and Indonesia to develop triangular cooperation programs.

    Established in 2008, the first Global South-South Development Expo “seeks to bring together leaders from cooperation agencies of national governments to provide an opportunity for them to exchange views on South-South and triangular cooperation approaches and methodologies.”


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