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    New Motorway to Connect Agadirs’ Al Massira Airport with Taghazout

    Morocco’s National Motorway Company (ADM) will begin constructions for a new motorway in Agadir city along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast.

    16 Dec 2018

    Rabat – The new motorway will connect Agadir’s Al Massira Airport, 20 kilometres southeast of Agadir to the road leading to the Taghazout area, north of the city.

    As part of Morocco’s growing infrastructure projects, the new motorway will facilitate the traffic flow to the Agadir airport, commercial port, as well as a number of tourist destinations the Moroccan National Motorway Company (ADM) has announced.

    ADM has carried out several investment projects worth a total of MAD 600 million. The projects are mainly set to modernize Morocco’s infrastructure and electronic tolls.

    In April, the company pledged a MAD 3.4 billion investment for a host of infrastructure projects, including widening the Casablanca-Berrechid road.

    Some of the newest development projects in Agadir include the Pumped Power Transfer Station Project in Abdelmoumen dam, 70 kilometers northeast of the city.

    The project, launched in October, will construct an upstream reservoir on the Tamraght plateau at approximately 1,300 meters altitude.

    The total cost of the project is MAD 3 billion. Construction is expected to last three years, and the total installed capacity will be 350 megawatts.


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