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    Agriculture Minister Presents Results of Moroccan Green Plan

    20 Dec 2018

    Agriculture minister Aziz Akhannouch presented, Tuesday in Skhirate, the results of the structuring programs of the Moroccan Green Plan (PMV) and their contribution to the national agriculture development.

    In a meeting on PMV assessment, attended mainly by chairmen of agriculture chambers and inter-professional federations, Akhannouch said that the increase this year of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the agricultural sector to 125 billion dirhams, up 60% compared to the year of the PMV launch, shows the Moroccan agriculture development, noting that the agricultural sector's GDP should reach at least 128 billion dirhams in 2019.

    Among the sector's development indicators, the minister also mentioned the importance of investments generated since 2008, amounting to 104 MMDH, 60% of which from the private sector, noting that in 2019, the total investment in agriculture is expected to total some 115 billion dirhams.

    Akhannouch said that public investment focused on the development of solidarity-based agriculture with 15 billion dirhams in 2018 (17 MMDH in 2019) and 30 billion dirhams for structuring cross-disciplinary projects (34 MMDH in 2019).

    The minister also highlighted efforts made by the government to mobilize funding from donors and international partners, which amounted to 34 billion dirhams, 37% of which in the form of grants.

    In terms of irrigation, Morocco has reached an important phase, which means that irrigated agriculture now covers 1.6 billion hectares, that is 18% of the total cultivable area and 21% of the area sown annually, he said.

    The areas equipped with a localized irrigation system reached 560,000 hectares thanks to an investment effort by the State of 12.3 billion dirhams through the Agricultural Development Fund, he noted, adding that this surface area will be increased to 610,000 hectares by 2019, which means 38% of the total irrigated area at the national level.

    Akhannouch emphasized in this regard the development of irrigated agriculture through the intensive use of new technologies, noting that drip irrigation has saved 1.6 billion cubic meters of water annually, the equivalent of a large dam of the size of Bin El Ouidane.

    The minister explained that irrigated agriculture, which accounts for 50% of rural employment, contributes with an average of 45% to the agricultural sector's GDP and that its products account for 75% of exports.


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