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    Moroccan Air Traffic Increases by 10% over 2017

    Moroccan airports registered a 10 percent increase in passengers since last year, with the biggest increases at Essaouira, Dakhla, and Marrakech.

    23 Dec 2018

    Rabat – Between January and November this year, 20.6 million passengers flew through Moroccan airports, according to the National Office of Airports (ONDA). The number is a 10 percent increase over the same period in 2017.

    Morocco’s busiest airport continues to be Casablanca’s Mohamed V International Airport, with 8.9 million passengers. However, with only 4 percent more passengers than last year, Casablanca’s passenger numbers rose moderately compared to other increasingly popular airports in Morocco.

    Between January and November, Marrakech’s Menara International Airport steadily increased its traffic, recording a 21 percent increase over last year with 4.8 million passengers. The number accounts for 23 percent of all Moroccan airport traffic.

    Essaouira’s Mogador Airport recorded the largest increase in passenger traffic at 51 percent. The Dakhla airport in the southern provinces also increased its traffic substantially, by 40 percent.

    Other airports with notable increases in traffic are Tangier’s Ibn Batouta Airport and Rabat-Sale Airport at 21 percent, Fez’s Saiss Airport at 20 percent, and Agadir’s Massira Airport at 14 percent.

    According to ONDA’s latest monthly statistics, 1.8 million passengers flew through Moroccan airports in November 2018, up from 1.6 million in November 2017, a 12 percent increase.


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