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    Almost 30,000 French Retirees Spend Winters in Morocco

    Seduced by the gentle climate and the cheap cost of living, many French retirees spend their winters in Morocco to spend some quality months away from their routines.

    07 Jan 2019

    Rabat – The French TV channel, France2, stated that 30,000 retirees spend their winters in Morocco and come back to France in the spring.

    In a report broadcasted on Saturday at 1:15 am, France2 emphasized that ‘almost 30,000 drive down each year in caravans to the Moroccan sun, as soon as the cold falls on the Hexagon. And like swallows, these pensioners return to the nest when it is better in France.”

    French retirees made Morocco their second homeland due to the gentle climate in winter, sunny weather year-round, welcoming locals, and a living cost that rises their purchasing power.

    Morocco is the third country after Portugal and Thailand that French people prefer to settle in, according to an investigation published by French website Retraite Sans Frontieres.

    According to the same source, Morocco is a preferred destination for its geographical proximity to France, its large French expatriate community, and its cost of living that is 40 percent cheaper.


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