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Procedures to Grant Moroccans Visas to Enter Jordan Did Not Change, Ambassador of Jordan

27 Jan 2019

Rabat - Jordan's ambassador in Rabat Hazim Al Khateb Attamimi said, on Thursday, that the procedures for granting the Moroccan nationals visas, of all categories, to enter Jordan have not changed and are not exclusive to any group.

Referring to what some websites and social networks reported concerning the ban on Moroccan women aged 18 to 35 from entering the Jordanian territory, Attamimi told MAP that visa procedures have been applied for many years and have not changed.

The ambassador said that the granting of visas, as is the case in many countries of the world, is governed by regulations related to the legalization and protection of the labor market in Jordan, and that these procedures sometimes tend to limit or restrict the entry of certain age groups, and not prohibit them.

According to Attamimi, Jordan does not prevent Moroccan female citizens from entering its territory, provided they submit to regulatory measures related to specifying the workplace or the reason for the visit, noting that 'our Moroccan brothers are welcome, as has always been the case, in their second country Jordan'


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