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EU, Morocco to Advance Cooperation in Vocational Training

After the signing of the EU-Morocco Fisheries deal and the adoption of the agriculture deal, Morocco and the European Union announced their determination to cooperate in other areas.

09 Feb 2019

Rabat – On Thursday last week in Rabat, State Secretary for Vocational Training Mohammad Rherras held talks with the head of cooperation for the European Union.

delegation in Morocco, Philip Mikos, on measures to step up bilateral cooperation in vocational training.

Both officials discussed the progress of the EU program, which aims to support Morocco’s reforms of the vocational system.

The two officials also discussed how to advance Moroccan cooperation with the EU.

According to the State Secretariat for Vocational training, Morocco received a financial support of €60 million.

The program focuses on the development of a broader and integrated vocational training system, the adaptation of the training offer to the employers’ needs, the improvement of the quality of the vocational training system as well as the strengthening of coordination between the various actors and stakeholders.

The Moroccan government believes that vocational training is a solution that can curb unemployment.

During a working session in October 2018, King Mohammed VI instructed the government to create a committee to elaborate specific solutions for youth unemployment.

He also called for new vocational training programs and new training centers and to reinforce youth entrepreneurship programs.

The unemployment rate remains high among young people aged 15-24, 27.5 percent.

El Othmani’s government offers more opportunities

Last Friday, Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said that the current cabinet under Saad Eddine El Othmani created more job opportunities than former governments, including that of Driss Jettou and Abbas El Fassi.

El Khalfi, who is a member of the ruling Islamist Justic and Development Party (PJD) said that El Othmani’s government created 130,000 job opportunities for Moroccan youth.

El Khalfi made his remarks during a seminar under the theme “status of Moroccan youth in society,” which discussed unemployment challenges.

El Khalfi said that Morocco needs a shift in its economy and development in order to integrate Moroccan youth.

El Khalfi also spoke about the importance of foreign investments, adding that it is “a key element in the operation, and we have achieved high rates of foreign investment. This year we exceeded MAD 42 billion in 2018, an unprecedented rate of 41 percent compared to the last year.”


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