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Mali, Morocco Sign Agreement to Harmonize Migration Policies

03 Mar 2019

With King Mohammed VI as the AU leader on migration issues and the African Observatory on Migration headquarters in Rabat, Morocco continues to parade its “pan-African and rights-based” migration policy.

Rabat – Mali and Morocco have signed an agreement to harmonize their migration policies, with the two countries vowing to improve migrants’ experience by improving governments’ engagement with migration issues.

Yaya Sangare, minister of Malians residing abroad, and Morocco’s Abdelkrim Benatig, delegate minister for Moroccans resigning abroad, signed the memorandum on Monday in Bamako, Mali.

The two representatives said the agreement will improve experience and expertise sharing in terms of migration policies.


Bamako and Rabat hope to promote an integrated African policy on migration, from integration to repatriation based on the particularities of each individual case.

The overall goal is to improve the human experience of migrants—regarding right to work and the acquisition of legal documents, for example—in receiving countries, and improving living conditions in countries of origin.

Also included in the agreement is the need to establish joint measures to provide financial and logistic assistance to NGOs, associations, or civil society groups working for migrants’ welfare in receiving countries.

Under the agreement, Morocco, which hosts a considerable number of Malian migrants, including a significant community of students, vowed to ease professional and cultural integration for Malian students at and graduates from Moroccan learning institutions.

Citing both Morocco’s migrants’ regularization campaign launched in 2013 and the Global Compact on Migration recently held in Marrakech, Benatiq said that Morocco’s efforts on African and global migration have been considerable in recent years.

He said that the North African country has opted for a dignity and rights-based migration policy amid fear mongering and ethno-nationalistic discourses surrounding African and international migrations.

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