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Zimbabwe to construct 2000MW thermal power station

04 Mar 2019

Zimbabwe is set to construct 2000MW thermal power station in Sengwa, Gokwe North in at a cost of US $2bn, following an agreement signed between RIOZIM and Power China for the development.

The exclusive agreement is among the independent projects licensed by Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA). According to the Chinese state-owned firm the thermal project aims at cutting down the country’s import bill

Sengwa thermal project

Phase one of the Sengwa thermal project involves the construction of two 350MW of coal fired power and 400km power line. As of now, the contractor is on site conducting initial evaluations which precede financial closure.

Power China, the sister company of Sinohydro, that is currently involved in the expansion project on Kariba South is currently preparing the bill of quantities on the pipeline and power lines.

The bill is a requirement by the financiers in order to know the cost of water pipeline from Kariba to Sengwa and the cost of evacuation lines from Sengwa to Sherwood. The bank also needs to know the cost of building the town where workers at the power station will stay. The promised Special Economic Zone will cater for those who will buy the power in Forex.

Upon completion, Sengwa will be among Zimbabwe’s two biggest power plants after the 2400 MW Batoka project. The 2000MW of power expected to be produces will be fed from RioZim’s coal claims in Senegwa Coal Deposit with proven ore reserves in excess of 525 million tones.


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