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Morocco’s National Library Embraces Solar Energy Thanks to BMCE

Thanks to this project, the library has taken a big step towards becoming green.

09 Apr 2019

Rabat – Morocco’s National Library in Rabat inaugurated a solar power plant on Thursday, which will provide the library with up to 40 percent of its energy needs and reinforce its commitment to clean energy.

The solar power plant is the fruit of a partnership with the BMCE Bank Foundation for Education and the Environment. The BMCE Bank Foundation fully funded the project, which cost MAD 2.6 million ($270,000).

The plant includes

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the power plant, Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laaraj commended the partnership between BMCE Foundation and the national library.

The public-private partnership reinforces the foundation and the ministry’s commitment to the preservation of the environment and energy and the promotion of cultural spaces, he said.

The BMCE Bank Foundation was founded in 1995, and since then, 4 percent of the BMCE bank’s gross profit has gone towards the foundation which works to improve education and environment sustainability, not only in Morocco but other African countries.

The president of the BMCE Bank Foundation, Leila Meziane, echoed Laaraj’s statements, saying that the partnership reflects the common values and goals of both institutions.

The national library’s director, Mohamed El Ferrane, said that the construction of the solar plant aims to reduce the library’s energy consumption and optimize its resources. He added that, thanks to the project, the library has taken a big step towards becoming green.

600 solar panels covering an area of 2,400 square meters, the installation of solar inverters, a DC junction box, and a remote monitoring system.


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