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Butane Gas Distributors Threaten to Strike During Ramadan

Gas distributors have threatened to go on strike during Ramadan in protest of the 2019 finance law, which grants no “professional confidentiality.”

11 Apr 2019

Rabat – Morocco’s butane gas distribution companies are threatening to go on strike during the holy month of Ramadan. The distributors want to put pressure the government into meeting their demands during a month that typically sees high consumption rates.

Distributors stated, according to sources speaking to Moroccan outlet Assabah, that the 2019 finance law “raises concerns among investors” because it stipulates that distributors must give invoices and financial statements to grocer’s shops.

The regulation, they claim, does not take into consideration their confidentiality.

Distributors reminded the government of Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani’s promise in January that small grocer’s shops would be exempt from “electronic billing.”

Minister Delegate of Public Affairs and Governance Lahcen Daoudi and an association of butane gas distributors have held several meetings in the past but have not come to a mutual understanding.

According to Moroccan media outlets, there has since been mounting tension between the government and butane gas distribution companies.

The companies said they would go on strike particularly to denounce the new finance law, entered into force this year. Distributors are complaining of the law’s provisions, imposing taxes, requiring electronic billing, and, according to them, reducing their profit margin.

Distribution companies planned to go on strike on January 8, but delayed their plan.

Rumors circulated social media in late February that would cut butane gas subsidies, which he denied.

Morocco subsidizes butane gas, flour, and sugar. Many Moroccans use butane gas for cooking and heating.


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