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Morocco’s OCP Signs New Partnership to Empower African Smallholder Farmers

The new OCP partnership seeks to explore new fertilizer systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

15 Apr 2019

Rabat – Morocco’s Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) has sealed a partnership deal with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) to explore new fertilizer systems, and develop “value chains and implement field projects to benefit African farmers,” read a joint statement from the institutions OCP, the world’s larger phosphates exporter, IFDC, and UM6P announced the partnership on April 11 in Washington D.C during the signing of a master agreement between IFDC and OCP.

Commenting on the partnership, Chairman and CEO of Morocco’s phosphate exporter, Mostafa Terrab, said that “this important partnership with IFDC confirms and advances our ambition to mobilize world-class resources in research and innovation for the benefit of Africa in general, and African smallholder farmers in particular.”

President and CEO of IFDC Albin Hubscher said that the partnership will “accelerate the development and large-scale production of more efficient fertilizers to increase smallholder productivity and incomes while respecting the environment.”

The joint statement from the OCP, IFDC, and UM6P added that the multi-year partnership will seek to enhance the capacity and productivity of African agriculture and farmers via creative fertilizers “that meet the specific needs of the African soil and economic conditions for sustainable development.”

In addition to the new partnership with UM6P and IFDC, Morocco’s OCP, which owns 75 percent of the world’s reserves in phosphates, also concluded several other partnerships with international groups.

In February, Morocco approved the creation of an OCP subsidiary in Ethiopia to boost the East African country’s agricultural productivity. Firms like OCP Africa have established Morocco as a key player on the African scene.

In addition to Ethiopia, OCP Group seeks also to sign a deal with Nigeria’s Sovereign Investment Authority to build an ammonia plant in Nigeria, and is also considering to build a plant in Ghana in 2020. OCP aims also to build a blending facility in Rwanda, three in Nigeria, one in Ivory Coast, five in Ethiopia and one in Ghana,

In January, several reports and news outlets applauded Morocco’s outreach in continental markets. British paper Financial Times worte that Morocco is spearheading “the emergence of genuinely post-colonial African order.”


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