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Fez Hosts Annual International Festival of Amazigh Culture July 12 to 14

This weekend the ancient city of Fez invites visitors to experience the 15th annual International Festival of Amazigh Culture.

11 Jul 2019

Rabat – The International Festival of Amazigh Culture, which takes place in Fez from July 12 to 14, will celebrate the contributions of Amazigh Culture to the fabric of Moroccan society.

The theme for 2019 is “The New Challenges of Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.”

Musicians, dancers, researchers, and academics will come together in the historic city of Fez to promote dialogue, coexistence, tolerance, and solidarity.

The festival kicks off Friday, July 12, with Moroccan writer Mohamed Nedali and Moroccan academician Amina El Mghari.

The evening will see performances by Khadija Atlas and the Ahidous group of the late Moha Oulhoussain Achibane.

Weekend activities include an international forum centering around the theme of migration. Participants will discuss the impact of migration on Amazigh culture, women, cultural exchange, and development.

Visitors can attend workshops on drawing and the Tifinagh alphabet. Exhibitions, one featuring books and another showcasing painting, will be open over the weekend.

On Sunday the festival will conclude with a parade featuring Moroccan caftans, organized with the participation of artist Lhoussein Ait Baamran.

This year’s festival features renowned Moroccan musicians including Najat Tazi and Nass El Ghiwane, as well as folk dances performed by Ahidous Lakabab, Kalaat Mgouna, and the Ahwash group Tata.Presenters will include authors, poets, and journalists such as Jean-Marie Simon and Maati Kabbal (France), Sandro Catccin and Filippo Beniami (Switzerland), Jan Yap of Reuter (Netherlands), Roberto Tonini (Italy), Abdelkrim Belguendouz, Mohamed Khachani, Mohamed Taifi, and Mohamed Nedali (Morocco).

The festival invites those living in the Fez-Meknes region and beyond to come to Fez this weekend and experience the music and culture of the Amazigh people.


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