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Morocco, Dominican Republic Forge Strengthened Ties with Possible Air Route

Morocco and the Dominican Republic recently renewed their commitment to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries.

11 Jul 2019

Rabat – The president of Junta de Aviacion Civil (JAC), aviation authority in the Dominican Republic, Luis Ernesto Camilo, said that his office is studying the possibility of launching direct flights from Morocco to the Dominican Republic.

Quoted by Arecoa, Camilo said that he discussed the idea during his meeting with Morocco’s Minister of Tourism.

“I was recently meeting in France with the Minister of Tourism of Morocco and the General Director of Civil Aviation and they are seriously considering the possibility of establishing an air route from Morocco to the Dominican Republic,” said Camilo.

JAC’s president also forecasts an increase in air traffic with the possible launch of the direct route between Morocco and the Dominican Republic.

“If we go above the world average, the traffic will be fine. The world average is about 3.5%. We expect 6% this year on the arrival of passengers which is a constantly increasing number.”

He said that his country exceeded six million tourists in 2018.

In June, the Dominican Republic and Morocco renewed their commitment to reinforce diplomatic ties.

Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and his counterpart in the Dominican Republic signed an agreement allowing nationals of both countries to travel to the territory of the other party without tourist or business visas.

This agreement specifies that the travelers must hold valid passports. Additionally, the travel must be for tourist or business purposes.

Under the agreement, Dominicans and Moroccans may stay in the territory of the other party for a period of up to 60 days. The period is renewable for another 60 days. The total duration of the stay can not legally exceed 120 days per year.


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