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Lydec Dismisses Allegations that Casablanca’s Tap Water Doesn’t Meet Health Standards

Casablanca’s water provider Lydec has confirmed that the city’s tap water meets Moroccan health standards.

07 Aug 2019

Rabat – Lydec issued a press release on August 5, in response to allegations on Facebook by an ex-employee casting doubt on Casablanca’s water quality.

Abdelmalik Badaoui, a former employee of Lydec and the secretary general of the Union Bureau of Lydec Retirees, sent an audio recording to Moroccan news source Assabah in which he says Lydec’s water tanks are dirty, and more generally accuses Lydec of breaching health standards. Assabah suggests these allegations come at a time of dispute between Lydec former employees and the company, regarding the eligibility of former employees to access free water services from Lydec.

Lydec has issued a press release in response, assuring that the water in Casablanca meets Moroccan health standards. The company adds that the Public Testing and Studies Laboratory (LPEE) has conducted independent testing on the water, confirming the water quality meets norm NM 03.7.001. The norms sets standards for human consumption in relation to mineral and bacterial levels.

Lydec controls water quality from 184 testing locations across Casablanca, including tanks, and pipe networks. The company tests for sediment content, chlorine, and temperature amongst other standards.

In 2018, the company reports having carried out 96,500 bacterial and chemical analysis, one and a half times more testing than what is required by Moroccan law. According to Lydec, the testing showed compliance in 99.97% of cases.

Water contamination can be due to chemical or latrine leakages into the public water systems. It can also be due to bacteria growing inside water installations in homes, including in water-heaters and pipes.

In its press release, Lydec warns that clients should also monitor water installations on their own property.


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