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Tesla Club Morocco Runs Test-Drive of Self Driving Vehicle in Casablanca

Founder of Tesla Club Morocco, Khalil Amar, has chosen to test the autopilot of Tesla’s self-driving vehicle on Casablanca’s road to prove the effectiveness of the technology.

07 Aug 2019

Rabat – In a video published on Twitter by Amar, the car on autopilot mode is operating perfectly.

The video shows how the car moves from lane to lane and stops behind a car.

The footage is taken from the view of the pilot, showing that the car is being tested in hectic traffic jams of Casablanca and handling them with ease.

However, one Twitter user questioned the authenticity of the video, saying; “How about showing the whole steering wheel in the video instead of just the top?”

Tesla Club Morocco is a collective of Tesla owners, enthusiasts, and visitors in Morocco. Their mission is to install as many charging stations as they can on Moroccan highways, gas stations, and hotels to boost sustainable transport in the country.

The club’s mission is to encourage Tesla to open a car dealership in Morocco. Their first fast charger was installed in November 2017.


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